Key Actives

Formulated with Clean Ingredients

Our products are certified by North America's leading certification for safer skincare.

* Look for CertClean logos to find out which products are certified.



animal derivatives

synthetic fragrance




silicon derivatives

mineral oil


An ingredient derived from premium quality indian gooseberry (amla) fruits, an important Indian Ayurvedic herbs used for thousands of years for various diseases, using a patented water-based process to produce 200x concentrated power form of the fruits (Read more about what makes this type of antioxidant special.)


  • Cascading, long-lasting antioxidant: Broad spectrum antioxidant activity, including free radical damages and oxidative stress from iron and copper
  • Skin brightening agent: Provides even-toned skin and reduces hyperpigmentations
  • Age defying ingredient: Reduces collagen-breaking enzyme activities, which reduces wrinkles and loss in skin elasticity

Mushroom Extracts

Purified, concentrated active, extracted from Fomes Officinalis mushroom, which was known and used as an elixir of long life in the old French Pharmacopeia. (Read more about this ingredient.


  • Astringent: Increase in skin elasticity
  • Tighter pores: Useful for oily forehead and nose
  • Moisturizing: Unlike other astringent, does not dry out the skin and rather moisturize the skin

Jojoba Oil

Cold-pressed, unrefined certified organic jojoba oil, with no added ingredients. Used by Native Americans to heal sores and wounds for hundreds of years. Its molecular composition closely resembles that of the skin’s natural oil, so it is safe for acne-prone and oily skin as well.


  • Benefits skin microbiomes: Balances the skin microbiomes by boosting the growth of good bacteria (Read about the importance of skin microbiome.)
  • Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic
  • Anti-inflammatory: Research has shown that jojoba oil helps with acne and psoriasis

Grape Seed Oil

Non-pore clogging, cold-pressed, food-grade grapeseed oil high in linoleic acid, a type of Omega-6 fatty acid


  • High in Vitamin E: Repairs damaged and irritated skin
  • Powerful antioxidant: Fights off free radical damages and boosts the antioxidant function of other antioxidants

Hyaluronic Acid

Not just any hyaluronic acid, but MMW (mixed molecular weight) hyaluronic acid produced through microbial fermentation. (Read more about the benefits of this particular type of hyaluronic acid.)


  • Improve elasticity and skin hydration
  • Significantly improve wrinkles
  • Keeps the skin supple


Naturally-scented primary constituent of German Chamomile essential oil and the key ingredient in our Self-Preservation System


  • Anti-microbial: Strengthens the preservative function of ingredients
  • Anti-irritant: High in panthenol, supporting soothing and moisturizing of the skin
  • Increases penetration of other ingredients
  • Anti-inflammatory: Helps soothe rashes, rosacea, and other conditions related to skin irritation